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tylers presents ...


chain reaction

all of you you who have played this game before will know what to do.

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blow up as many as you can.

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Tags: mouse game simulation physics reaction score bomb chain lives highscores

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Nice :) A couple things could be fixed though: (1) This is purely a graphical thing, but a ball 'blows up' it seems to flash big for an act() frame before going small and growing (hard to explain, but you can probably see what I mean from playing) (2) This second one was a problem I encountered when making (my version of the game) when the moving balls are doing collision detection, they treat the large circles like squares (presumably you're using getOneIntersectingObject(...), and that just treats the image as a square, regardless of transparency). The problem this causes is that they can hit nothing and blow up.. I'll let you dream up and code the solution, but a clue that might start you off might be to incorporate getObjectsInRange(...) somehow. Like I said though, I won't say more than that for now
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu Jun 21 15:54:56 UTC 2012 fixed flashing images on the popped ball.


It doesn't appear to get harder, actually, it appears to do the opposite.


How do you make the highscore table?


@jrlowe, you can import the 'ScoreBoard' class by selecting 'Edit' and 'Import class' from the greenfoot menubar. Creating a new ScoreBoard() object will show the UserInfo data of the top so many scores and the scores of those nearest the current user's score. Your scenario will have to update the UserInfo data as scores are registered for it to show anything (other than zeros). Refer to the UserInfo class documentation.


at one point you need to blow one more ball then there are balls in the field HOW?!?!?!


at what point is that?


When the number you need is 679, there are only 678 balls on screen.


However, when you lose there and restart, it is then possible.


A split second before a white ball blows up, there is a Greenfoot image (no image)

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