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About the Greenfoot website is for distributing Greenfoot, but also provides a forum to publish, use and discuss Greenfoot projects.

Our members

The Greenfoot website is public: anyone can use it, join and submit content - as long as you follow the site rules.

They are, in short: be nice, and don't do anything offensive or illegal. Greenfoot is aimed at children and young adults, so all content posted here on the site must also be safe to be viewed by minors.

If you want to create programs yourself, then you can download Greenfoot from the downloads section, and can get started following the guides we have under the tutorials section.

Many of the scenarios published here on the Gallery include a link to their source code. You may want to download and study some to see how they were made.


Greenfoot is produced at the University of Kent, in conjunction with La Trobe University. It is sponsored by Oracle and Google.

The current Greenfoot team includes Michael Kölling, Davin McCall, Ian Utting, Neil Brown, Phil Stevens and Michael Berry.

The site was designed by Joseph Lenton from

Most of the team can be found here or on the Greenroom, but you can also contact us via Twitter @GreenfootTeam or via e-mail at


The copyright for Greenfoot is held by Michael Kölling and Poul Henriksen. The Greenfoot system is available under the GNU General Public License version 2 with the Classpath Exception.

This site is non-commercial. We respect users' privacy - email addresses or any other user data will not be passed on to third parties or used for any purposes other than the running of this web site.


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