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reply to Text gains double spacing when uploaded to website

By danpost - 1 day ago
Owlias wrote...
one of my sprites (Goblin) doesn't get imported from the files and assigned directly to the actor. I've checked multiple times and it appears to be in there on my version (locally). Any suggestion on getting this image to be assigned? (image is naturally assigned to the actor within Greenfoot app)
You can just set the image in the constructor of the class. For example: <Code Omitted>

reply to Image is only scaling once but never again

By danpost - 3 days ago
toemilio wrote...
So I'm making a flappy bird project for my computer science class and one of our extensions is to create a powerup that makes you smaller. My problem is that the code will run perfectly once, it scales my image and makes it smaller, but every other time I run it the image stays the same. Every solution I try it will work once but never again. << Code Omitted >>
If line 3 is to be the beginning of the constructor of the class, then the keyword void should be omitted from the line.