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What is happening right now?


reply to How Do I make Camera movement only go Horizontal and vertical at a certain height?

By danpost - about 11 hours ago
Fire wrote...
Can you send me a version that I can open in GreenFoot cause I like it and it is what I am looking for Also maybe this one as well? << Link Omitted >>
There is a link to the exact codes used in the class in the description of both scenarios linked in the previous post. No need to modify the Scroller class at all.

reply to Do space games using addforce add too much when combining thrusters?

By Crickblack124 - 1 day ago
robertjulia wrote...
I'm playing a few space games that I do actually have the unity project for, since they were either publicly available or given to me. I have looked in the scripts for acceleration and the games just use unity's mechanism to add force to rigid-bodies. basically, they both feature 6axis manual thrust, so that all inputs are certainly from me. First, correct me if I'm wrong, but if you use two thrusters that are 90 degrees out in angle, then the resulting vector should be the result of the Pythagorean theorem yes? So, you add force from one thruster, a , then from another thruster, b, and your resulting vector is a2 + b2 = c2 ?? (irl) my question is,, is this how these games are working?? I don't find anywhere in the projects that the game devs do anything about how force is added to the rigid-body I'm really sure they're just using addForce. But,, when I play the games, I don't have confidence that my resulting vector changes are "within video game realism" because sometimes or maybe always I change vector quite quickly. Not always, of course,, this is particularly noticeable when using only one thruster, but I imagine that perhaps the game is adding them straight up sometimes?? Is this possible? I recall the "Descent Communty" always enjoying what they called "trichording" where this is the case, that all 3 forces are combined as though applied in the same resulting vector, it's today an option in the game "Overload". (which I really would love to see a full manual thrust mode included in) My gametime would make me so much happier if I could be confident that although realism is extremely complex, at least my basic vector addition is realistic. Thanks!!!
I do have the same question as well!