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What is happening right now?


reply to Help Turning My Race Car

By Horizon - about 7 hours ago
sorry let me clarify, I found the code from a discussion on how to make barriers it wasn't directly related to cars. Also thank you a lot for helping me, and this code definitely does block the cars. But, I have just found out from playing that when a car gets stuck, and I attempt to turn left or right, my car will end up slowly going through the wall. Do you know why this is happening and how I could fix it?

reply to Wall collision not working

By danpost - about 11 hours ago
I have a feeling the signs on the plus and minus 15 in the setLocation statements are backward.

reply to When it reaches zero

By danpost - about 13 hours ago
You change the livesCounter value in the livesScore(int add) method. That would be the best place to check if the NEW value is zero (and if so, display game over).

reply to File opening not working

By RcCookie - about 21 hours ago
Copy the folder onto your local disk and extract it if it is a zip.