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Soon I'm going to be updating this scenario again with a scoreboard! Only problem is that I'm not 100% sure where on the screen I can put it... any suggestions?
I don't get it.....
Did you get the "You Lose" picture from
Is the tainted one called The Lie? I touched it and it just faded white instead of black, but it still said truth.
I won the top level. Do I get a prize now?
Never mind, sorry, forgot about springs :P
Not quite possible to get all cherries, the girl can't jump so when you have to go down, you can get back up.
There's a slight glitch with respawning. Whenever you respawn, the screen is a little higher than before, so that the box is below the screen if you die too many times.
@rjl8789 I published the simulation with the source, at the webpage I left comments in some classes explaining how it works. The classes that I did not put comments in were the Animal class second and third fish classes. The Animal class was not my creation, so try to understand that as best as you can. The first fish has comments, and you can understand the other fish with those.