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when i look around the room i'm in after this it's like the center of my vision is expanding
Also, why does the lobster eat the worms too?
Nice, but one suggestion is that you make the game stop if you eat all of the worms and if the lobster eats you. Great though!
Great game! 1 recommendation though... i feel like it would be better if the movements were smoother and the character still moved a little after you release the key, like momentum.
i dont know if you noticed but it's on the highest speed, might want to change that.....
This was an exam? what school do you go to?
forgot to put this in my last post, but also you don't lose enough when you die because if I get more than six coins before I die, I'm still gaining money.
this is a BOSS platforming game!!! oh yeah! but by the way, you can't fall through a one-block space unless there is a wall, so on the first level, at the top there is a one-block space, i don't know if it's just for decoration or what, but it does nothing. Amazing game though!