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my high score has dropped to 1055 in light of recent updates :P
I don't know if this is a glitch or intentional, but if you are facing left and start tapping the shoot key as fast as you can, there is continuous fire. if you are facing right, when you tap the shoot key quickly you can only shoot three bullets quickly then there is a delay D:
Right now, I think I hold the record with: 1187 points
@cooldude hehe you know, I basically had to become a pro at my own game so that I could test it properly, so that seems kinda funny to me :P
Too... many... Beibers!!!
you do know that whenever you destroy a turret then walk away, it respawns once it's out of your line of sight.
I killed beiber 362 times and bin laden 11 times. yay me.
Nice job, but there's a couple minor issues that I'll outline for you: - When you get blown up by a tank/bomb/bullet/thing the game doesn't stop like it does when you hit another car - If you die and your car disappears, if you hit run (or the game never stops) you can still move the screen to the next level, and therefore not really die effectively
I think i got it... I'm looking to have the score up the whole game, but with this last update I made a space in the cloud that won't get blocked.