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AwesomeNameGuy presents ...



A test version of a potential side scroller. The world is made out of blocks.

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open in greenfoot
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do they use this to torture terrorists because its unnecessarily difficult


You ever see "The Men who stare at goats?" Ofc if the CIA wanted to buy my game to interrogate terrorists I would happily sell, the govt can pay pretty well sometimes. That aside if it is too hard to play I don't mind toning it down in future updates. Ofc I can beat the second level without getting hit ..well, some of the time...
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri Dec 30 22:18:42 UTC 2011 New Level
Hi any chance of the source code it is a great game
Oh sure. I'll upload it. Haven't worked on it in a while, kinda shelved it because I have been so busy. Hopefully I'll get back to it and finish it before I forget how I did everything! I'll see.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Apr 01 05:23:43 UTC 2012 Still unfinished. Just releasing the source code for a request.
Here's the source code, the game is still unfinished, it's kinda on the shelf right now. The code might be a little confusing, but have a look and see what you can make of it if you want. Not all the code is that elegant either, but it kinda works for the most part!


Nice! This is actually pretty cool! I'm currently working on a Megaman EX scenario, and right now I'm re-writing a LOT of old horrible code. It's so far going good, but It needs some more work. Ultimately, it's going to be an actual game like this one, but I'm not there yet.
Thanks Entity! Good luck with your game. I always meant to come back to this but the old code is too unorganized and cryptic for me to jump back in without more effort than I want to spend. I would recommend looking into some open source game development libraries or frameworks in whichever language you like if you are serious about making a game, (there's gotta be a bunch) and working with open sourced code will help you become a good programmer. I'm getting there, I feel like!


I'm purposely making the game on the greenfoot website so it is easily accessible (and it's the only programming software I'm good with currently). Also, I would like to make a public level editor that uses userInfo() to store the map data. Great huh? I'll have to refresh myself with how to write to files so I can make the levels have a LOT of data storage if you download it (basically the public level editor will be the one I use to develop the game), but it should turn out fine. Right now, I'm currently working on the final touches of the XBuster, and them I'm going to move on to wall jumping and dashing (it's the wall jumping I'm most worried about though). I should actually have it ready to present within this month (the alpha version with the level editor that is). Let's hope it goes well!

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