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Nice sound! ^.^


----------------------------------------------------------------- PROJECT TITLE: Lunolet-1 (Moonlander) "Luna" is the Moon in Russian and "Lunolet" means a small rocket which flies on the Moon) PURPOSE OF PROJECT: To land the rocket on the moon surface with reasonably small velocity VERSION or DATE: December 2011 HOW TO START THIS PROJECT: Two parameters should be provided to start rocket engine: the amount of fuel which should be burnt and the amount of time it will take. This can be controlled by two sliders on the right side; big red button directs your command to the engine, which continues to work specified time, then stops. The story behind the game is the following: one engineer was working on the Moon reparing small old rockets. One day he came to his work with his little son. While his father was working in a small rocket named "Lunolet-1", little boy climbed into the command chair and clicked the big red button he noticed on the command panel. The rocket immediately started into the sky with the incredible velocity. At the moment when the button was pressed, controls were set on 65 kg of fuel for 3 seconds. Our cosmonaut is able to stand acceleration no more than 3g, otherwise he is loosing his consciousness for some time. To play one should set fuel and time values on the sliders and click the red button. New values for rocket altitude and velocity will be calculated. You can change graph scale by pressing "up" and "down" buttons. Your goal is to get back to the Moon surface with velocity value less than 5 m/s. This game was described first in the article by Mikhail Pukhov in Russian magazine "Tekhnika molodezhi" ("Technics for Juniors") in June 1985. AUTHORS: Egor Abramovich, Alexandra Abramovich USER INSTRUCTIONS: Click red button to start the game. To give a new kick to the engine you should choose new values for fuel and time sliders and click red button again.