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shrucis1 presents ...


Simple Game

This scenario was a relatively simple game I threw together a while ago, but I became more interested in it, so I started updating and changing the game.
I finally was able to release an update!
Much thanks to JetLennit, who helped me get back the source code (which I lost) so I could continue work on the update.

Arrow Keys - Move around

To stay alive as long as possible, you lose if you touch an enemy or the wall. Your score is how long you survived.

Update Log:
(This log is mostly for me to keep track of when I updated this scenario)
2013/12/4 - Published Scenario

2013/12/6 - Updated Scenario
+ Purple enemies now spawn

2013/12/18 - Updated Scenario
+ Reset Score List
+ Fixed scoring bug
+ Added different degrees of enemies
+ Altered player movement mechanics
+ Added more parameters to enemy class
- Code is currently low readability, will fix

2013/12/18 - Updated Scenario
+ Fixed tiny bug that caused Scoreboard to take extra time to load

2013/12/18 - Updated Scenario
+ Enemies now explode on-contact with each other
+ Lowered spawn rate to make game actually possible

2013/12/20 - Updated Scenario
+ Altered player movement to give user more control and maneuverability

2013/22/20 - Updated Scenario
+ Fixed bug of enemy collision

Known Bugs:
Enemies that are hit while still aiming at player don't explode until they start moving
Fixed as of 12/22/2013 Update

If you see a bug on the latest version, please point it out so I may work on fixing it.

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Tags: with-source

This scenario is a member of: High Scores

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Super_Hippo, after taking a second look at the code, I figured out why the bug you pointed out was happening, and fixed it.


HAHA! I BROKE 4000!! After that you start getting the white enemies. I don't think they're really any harder for some reason. In fact, they might be easier. Whatever, I still broke 4000.


Noooooooooooooooooooooes! But congratulations ;)


3995 ^^


Great stuff! I like it!


First try today and 5025! Beat that :)


The scoreboard is not working for some reason


Got 6347 The grey ones are super hard


Heres a bug: When playing the game, if the score board has not yet loaded, and the reset button is pressed, the game will not load. If I hit reset on my browser after doing this, the game comes up with an error, BUT if I hit reset on my browser a second time, it works. I think what is wrong is that it was trying to process my score, but it didn't get to finish. Maybe you could prevent the reset button from being pressed, and add a replay button on the scoreboard screen. Just a suggestion. All in all, awesome game. Super addicting. (I think some people (*cough* super_hippo *cough*) might have played it for several days before achieving their ultimate score (no offense super_hippo))


I played it now and then for some days, not more than a few hours total I think. Why not playing a good game longer than five minutes? ^^

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