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Not bad. The only bug I noticed was that when I died on level 4 it restarted level 3.
Wow, that's amazing! The mouselook works great!
Thanks for considering that. That's a good idea, and I was thinking about that problem. I had kind of wondered if experimenting with similar control to that space simulator you made would work as well. I thought that it might cause sort of a drifting view if you made it so that the mouse's location in the grid would move the view, but I wondered about the possibility of that as a way to implement mouselook. Of course, having the option for it to work when downloaded would work even better.
This is so great. Navigation was smooth and I liked the jump. I just want to ask if you might try to add the ability to move the view with the mouse somehow while you are still developing the engine. If you could make that work, that would be amazing. I also assume that you will be adding strafing later. Good controls for an FPS are important, but what you have so far is already a great improvement on the original.
This game is really well done. I at first was frustrated by the room with many switches, but it was satisfying to finally beat it. One problem I do have with that level is that every time you die you have to sit through the long conversation at the beginning. Some levels don't have that, and it is better. That said, I like all this plot exposition and think the conversations are interesting. It's just that it would be nice if they could be skipped even faster after being read or something.


It appears that the speed on this version must have been accidentally changed, because it is not playable the speed is so fast. I played it before this version, though. It's fun, though I personally don't like lives systems. The concept is great!
This is really amazing! The movement was very smooth, even when I moved the floor and wall tiles. You simply got the movement down to where it feels right.


Thanks. That was the problem.


Ok. I made the name smaller.