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kenshinakh presents ...


Midori World

Join Mido and his fellow friends from UEPA on their mission to protect their world from the damages the environment took.
Note: set in some kind of futuristic parallel universe.

This type of game is a RPG/Platform/Strategy. You'll see what I mean soon enough.

I drew pretty much all the art using the free Inkscape vector program.
Please let me know what's on your mind. If you like it, let me know :D

18+ levels so far and a lot of storyline. If you have a feature request, please feel free to tell me.

I wrote this from scratch almost. I don't remember borrowing code, except for using jlayer and Vector.
Anyways, the game system runs on made up eventscripts (and they really make it easier to set up the world!).

Enter/Click on text to proceed/skip.
Press ESCAPE ingame to pause, see menu, change controls or see the load game code.

Change LOG:
11/1 - first upload

11/8 - Fixed the storyline and intro, Added mp3 music (Thanks to Poul and Davin for the help in point me to free, open source music sites.), added one more map, fixed a few bugs, I wanted to put more in for this week. Unfortunately, 10 hrs of fever and the flu did not give me the time I needed :(

11/10 -fixed double jump not resetting when landing platform, fixed minor bugs with checking for walls, added 2 new maps (beta)., fixed map bug ,mp3 now stops when pause or reset is pressed. ,add 1 test type map (not sure about it). fixed a few more maps

11/14 - text can now be shown instantly/skipped when enter is pressed or mouse click on text., added level 10 and more story, fixed text cutting off near the bottom, now the calculations of text height is much smarter., code optimizations

11/16 - menu is now more interesting with animations, fixed level a10, last level of area a. now it is easier to beat, and help is added, added monster holes., fixed spelling error of sweage to sewage.

fixed glitches, made code more efficient (hopefully)
added 2 new maps, added new part in story line, shortened intro storyline, added new enemies, new nano suit, and clean bots, added new and shorter load game codes

11/23 - made last map of area a easier, and with hint. changed how particle effects look to become smoother. reduced file size.

11/27 - made 4 new maps, recolored maps to look better, made last map of area a easier, fixed a few bugs, main menu can now be accessed in game when escape is pressed, improve efficiency, nano suit sprint power drains slightly slower.

11/30 - skip button added, menu is accessable from anywhere and fixed menu bug, smoothed out parts of games, fixed glitch where character flies up from the ground, lots of tiny bug fixes

12/4 - publish source code, added new levels/storyline, bug fixes

12/9 - fixed crash on logic gate maps, added 2 logic gate maps, fixed type in story, some more bug fixes

Load Game codes:
AREA_A1 : loads past the intro
AREA_A6 : loads to the 6th map of the a1
AREA_A8 : LOADS TO 8th map of A1
AREA_A9 : LOADS TO 9th map of Area a1
PRELEVELB : loads to part after a1
AREA_B1 : loads to area b1

these are all the availiable load game codes: AREA_A1, AREA_A2, AREA_A3, AREA_A4, AREA_A5, AREA_A6, AREA_A7, AREA_A8, AREA_A9, AREA_A10, PRELEVELB, AREA_B1, AREA_B2, AREA_B3, AREA_B4, AREA_B5, AREA_B6, AREA_B7, AREA_B8, PRELEVELC, LG_C1, LG_C2, LG_C3, LG_C4, LG_C5

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Tags: game with-source strategy platform rpg codepoint-09-school-16+

This scenario is a member of: Scenario showcase, cool scenarios!, epics

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Is the !A||B logic gate impossible? Eric keeps on saying that Mido messes up.


Ah xD. Sorry about that. I placed the wrong map down. I'll fix it real soon, after I get some more maps in because !A||B map would be as far as I programmed so far.


Congratulations! A very nice job indeed


Area B is evil :(


have you gotten your prize yet?


Yesssss. This game rocks.


Totally cool.


This is amazing!


Why would you need to pre-render a live hologram??!?!?!?!?!!!!!


this is awesome

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