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Note that my name ends with a "k."
Some code from the tutorials was used and modified.

There is no help in the game at this time, and it is relatively complicated.
First of all, the colors in the game can be divided into ones that help you or hurt you.
Colors that help you:
You control the dark green cursor with the arrow keys. Dark green is the most crucial color, because you lose the game if that is destroyed.
The green trail can be used to destroy reds by circling around them and waiting for them to run into the trail.
You will only encounter blue in the two player mode(which can be played by one person with good coordination and an ability to multitask).
The dark blue cursor is controlled with wasd, and if the blue cursor is killed, it can be revived by having the green run over the slightly smaller version of the blue that remains.
The hollow whites are "generators" that create a solid white that "orbits" counterclockwise around the generator. The hollow whites are created by the dark green cursor whenever an even amount of reds have been destroyed.
If the "generator" is destroyed, the "shield" will vanish. The "shield" cannot be destroyed. The "shield" will destroy objects that are harmful.
Yellow is really the most helpful thing in the game. It is a superweapon, created by the dark green cursor every time a multiple of 8 reds have been destroyed. It will destroy everything not beneficial. You have no direct control over it, though it will continue to generate until another red is destroyed.

The harmful/not helpful things are:
Every time all reds on the playing field are destroyed, the level advances. You can determine how many there will be by multiplying the number of the level by 4. For example, level 5 should have 20 reds. Reds are the source of all colors that are not the player or created by the player. Reds have a random chance of dropping oranges or purples, and when they die, a grey is created.
Greys do not harm you, but they act as walls, getting in your way, or (in the worst case) appearing on top of a hollow purple or orange, making the other color invulnerable to the player. Greys can only be destroyed by white "shields" or the yellow superweapon.
The hollow purples create 4 solid pinks at random intervals directed to the north, south, east, and west. The solid pinks then vanish based on random chance, meaning they could go across the board or destroy themselve immediately. In a way, purples are the worst, because it is impossible to know if they will generate pinks at the exact instant you lands on top of them. You must run over a hollow purple to destroy it. Solid pinks are only destroyed by white "shields," and the hollow purple will continue to generate the pinks.
Oranges act exactly like whites. The hollow orange "generator" generates the solid orange "shield." The "generator" must be run over to get rid of the "shield."

In the menu, move the menu selector using the arrow keys and select with enter or space. If the menu does not vanish when the game starts, try hitting space or enter again.

There is no limit to the levels, although I recommend trying to get to level ten as a starting goal.

I AM COMPLETELY LOST AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. NO MATTER WHAT I DO, THE SCENARIO SIMPLY WILL NOT WORK. The source should work just fine if you download it! I have no idea what could be going on!!!!

It is not me having troubles uploading, I'm afraid, and it is not something recently added to the game, either. It must be something in the core of the game.

I just found something very strange. If I copy the background image from the image folder and put it in the root folder as well, the applet will work but will not have any images except the background(when all the images were copied over, the same occurred, except for one odd case when I uploaded it to my site and only the background and the solid reds worked)...when you're logged in. ?!!?!?!!?.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The problem is now fixed.

Just fixed a display problem when it says which level you made it to.

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You might want to make your name smaller, as its screwing up the main page.


Ok. I made the name smaller.


The problem is the name of the "Images" directory in your scenario. It should be "images" with lower case, not "Images".
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Thanks. That was the problem.
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