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I like that style! (Maybe you can use a background that looks like lined paper -- possibly slightly crumpled -- to increase the look of a pencil and paper drawing...)
Cool. Nice re-implementation of a good game.
Nice game. Just one thing: it was too fast for me on my computer - I had to set the speed down to just under half speed to make it reasonable. Works very well otherwise. Nice background image.
Just give it some time. Coding is hard at first, and nobody knows how to do it at first. You learn over time, and you will suck less after a while. Most of all, it an be fun!


Nice weapons. I don't think I ever shot pancakes before.


Wow - I like the idea. It needs some work to make it work as a competitive game, but it has great potential. Some ideas: - maybe the planets could (very) slowly move, so you don't have a constant safe spot hiding behind them. - maybe every shot that reaches the other end could score, rather then hitting the figure (that's quite hard at the moment). The figure could then maybe block the shot, like a goalkeeper. Great idea, though.


There are 16 boards, by the way...


41. Ah, well. Trying again. I like ti. Especially the graphics. Nice background and nice bubbles. Makes it look very good.
Well, everyone has to start somewhere. I like the background.