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For a start, I think the paddle looks boring. I tried to make the whole thing look a bit groovy with the smoke trail, and I tried to come up with a fancy look for the paddle as well, but I just couldn't. That was where my Photoshop powers ended... Maybe someone could make a better graphic for the paddle?
My idea here is to see whether we can get some people to implement different idea for making a breakout game. The obvious thing is adding the blocks, but then we can also have bonuses, falling goodies to catch, different speeds, changing paddle size, etc... Come on, have a go!
Nice simple game idea. Very effective. Maybe there should be some sort of punishment (added time?) if you hit space while no fish was going...
I was just about to post something here, but I see that Michael has beaten me to it. And his solution is slightly better anyway. What I ended up with was int deltaX = x - getX(); int deltaY = y - getY(); int angle = (int) (180 * Math.atan2(deltaY, deltaX) / Math.PI); but Michael's use of the Math.toDegrees method is a little better anyway - then you don't have to do the conversion on foot like I did.


I guess the idea with the direction of the arrow was that you pull the mouse towards the point from which you would hit the marble (and the marble then goes into the opposite direction).


You should add tags to this. And maybe the source code...


Popping up the message at the end hangs my browser (Safari). Maybe you could change it to use text display in the world?
That means that for now, the size of a scenario submitted to the Gallery cannot be changed. A work-around is to change the title - this will create a new scenario. However, the "I like it" votes and the comment history would be lost. We'll see that we fix this for the next release.