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Great! Once you zoom in for some time, the zoom level gets smaller and smaller, though, and at some point you can't zoom in any further. The panning seems to large for some zoom levels - I lose the point where I am. But great fun to play with.


Okay, test failed. Does not work in the Gallery. (You can still download and run locally.)


Well, my first question: How is it going to be different from doodle jump (or other platformers)? Just reprogramming an existing one is certainly a very good exercise. But adding your own touch is what makes it really interesting!
Did you want more wolves to spawn over time? If that's the idea, the reason it doesn't work is that you insert the SAME wolf object over and over again. To get more wolves in, you need to create a new wolf before inserting it. So instead of writing addObject(wolf, ..., ...) write addObject(new theWolf(), ..., ...) For the same reason, you will (currently) never get more than one snake.


Very nicely done. I like the smooth movement for the acceleration/deceleration of the jumps.
Excellent game. Good to see a very different game structure and game play from most. Did you do the pictures yourself?


Those ladybirds get eaten pretty quickly...!


Very nice. There are now at least 3 GUI projets - maybe we should look at merging them. They all have something that the others don't.
Decent start. Obviously not finished, but I'm interested to see more.