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I think it has potential :) Maybe try to make the turrets only clickable if you can afford it^^
dat movement^^ simple but clever
sure^^ good attitude
Haha ok, ye i know the numbers are the score / life but the highscore board wasnt shown after the game. Now on my other PC it works, weird^^
you can just give me the code here and ill try to help you^^
I really like your pathing and your not perfect tower aiming ;) i think this has great potential! (i.e. upgrades, more towers, different enemies, different maps, grphical effects like detonations, blood, smoke, ice, fire, light etc)
maybe just make it only deletable if a boolean (i.e. isorigin) is false, so you can set the level to true and the user painted to false. I would also really like to have a speed button^^ You can do that with the "setSpeed()" method ;)
How exactly can i view my score?^^
Nice idea :) Try to make the cars move more realistic^^ All you have to do is changing some variables ;) (Id recommend to lower the turn(x) parameter, so it doesnt turn this fast) You can also move the "turn()" method or what you called it into your movement method, so that you can only turn if you are moving forwards or backwards ;)