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Lee1121 presents ...


Skeleton Invasion

Skeleton Invasion is a tower defense where you must defend your castle from the invading skeletons.

You've got two towers at your disposal:
- the ballista, which shoots fast, but does low damage
- the cannon, which shoots slowly, but does more than 3 times the damage as the ballista

You live in a peaseful country called Lumbria.
Your miners digged in a cursed ancient tomb, which caused masses of skeletons to wake up from their slumber.
These skeletons are not peaceful creatures, so they started attacking your miners. There was only one survivor.
That surviver managed to report the invading skeletons to you just in time.
Now it's up to you to defend your castle from the invading skeletons.

Start the application:
- Press "Run" at the bottom of the screen

Start over:
- Press "Retry" or "Reset"

Building towers:
- On the right side of the screen is a menu
- Click on the tower of choice
- Go to the location where you want to place it

- Changed your mind and you want to build the other tower?
- Click on the menu where the tower came from

Spawn the enemies:
- Click on "Next wave"

Made in the Ludum Dare 29 Compo

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open in greenfoot
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I really like your pathing and your not perfect tower aiming ;) i think this has great potential! (i.e. upgrades, more towers, different enemies, different maps, grphical effects like detonations, blood, smoke, ice, fire, light etc)


@AllMrOrange Thank you very much! I'm probably going to get busy with school pretty soon, so an update is unfortunately not very likely :(. If it does though, I will definitely look at your comment for inspiration ;).

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