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thanks pointifix^^ i have a lot of ideas i want to implement. Just need some time ;)
every time you shoot something that hits, the game stops. I think there is an error when the bulltes hit the rock
ye you should definitely change that, cause right now you can win every wave with just spamming towers at the end of one line^^ you could also try to make the shots more accurate, for example you could let the bullets search their aim with "turnTowards()"
good job, I like your idea with the indicating arrows if something is wrong! maybe you can make it also possible to be correct if the content of {} isnt intended (?) but good job ;)
3580, is there some hidden trick you have to know to actually win this game?^^ im talking about 2048 in general ^^
ye? nice^^ maybe you can add some animations and sounds ;)
Well, i think you are not using a scrolling world, so he should stop when he is at y = 0. Do you use "move()" oder "setLocation()" to move the bird? Just add an expection to avoid your bird flying off the screen, simple if(y>=0) then something^^
I like your idea ;) Have my like!
First, pls write in the description which button to use, it took me a minute to figure out it's arrow up^^ Second, your hitbox isnt as exact as it should be for a game like that. Maybe you make the pictures more exactly, or you let the bird check the hitdetection with a radius instead of a rectangle. You can do this for example with getObjectsInRange(range, Objectclass), because the bird is rather a circle than a rectangle ;) Another nice feature could be the instant restart of the scenario when you failed, so you get people to try and try and play your game for a longer time.