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ChristofferEmilNielsen presents ...


Flangry Bird

This game is a school project and the target group for the game is primarily children.
To make the bird fly hit "up arrow"

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First, pls write in the description which button to use, it took me a minute to figure out it's arrow up^^ Second, your hitbox isnt as exact as it should be for a game like that. Maybe you make the pictures more exactly, or you let the bird check the hitdetection with a radius instead of a rectangle. You can do this for example with getObjectsInRange(range, Objectclass), because the bird is rather a circle than a rectangle ;) Another nice feature could be the instant restart of the scenario when you failed, so you get people to try and try and play your game for a longer time.
Hello AiMrOragne. Thanks for the comment and your suggestions. But I would like to know why the bird fly off the screen when you press the up arrow, it doesn't when I play the game in Greenfoot program? Hope you can help.


Well, i think you are not using a scrolling world, so he should stop when he is at y = 0. Do you use "move()" oder "setLocation()" to move the bird? Just add an expection to avoid your bird flying off the screen, simple if(y>=0) then something^^
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