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This is a great game! The tutorial is nice and informative, but a few Gui issues exist. You should tell us how much gold a given thing costs, and not in a mouse hover over. And maybe a actual elemental pyramid would be awesome too. Like, Air blows away fire, fire burns earth, water puts out firer
This is a good game. The animations are solid, you tossed some gravity in the mix, you should include powerups, i think that would be cool
It needs more elements. This is great; and I love where you are getting at with this. But daytime is too short; same with nighttime; and it needs diamonds and iron and gold and other mineable things. I love this.
I'm going to echo other people here. Give some time to set up the towers before the foes come around. I like the crossover here.
Controls are awkward. Try using WASD.
The text is hard to read. Rather than white; make it green. Or purple.
Very nice. Thank you!
I feel like you should add some sort of object that allows health restoration. It could be like; a purple ball; somewhere on the map that would spawn when a certain criteria is met; like; when you kill two foes; or when you reach a certain amount of health. Also; I feel like the circles are a bit overpowered in that they have a huge range. even after it's fired; it still travels for a bit before fading out (cool feature) but even while fading it still does damage to you. Therefore; I wonder what it would be like to have a slightly better range....
Very nice. The controls are much less awkward now.