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This is a demo of using z-sorting to draw 3d worlds. Move using the wasd keys and rotate with the mouse. This scenario uses two coloring methods: one in daylight and one at night where the only light is coming from you. You can toggle between methods by pressing "m". You can also remove blocks by clicking them minecraft style. z-sorting is explained well in this article While the article is designed for flash, it does a good job of explaining the technique.

It still needs some work in the way of collision detection, but the 3d is pretty good.

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Tags: mouse game simulation physics demo with-source 3d

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you have GOT to improve on this idea!


this should have waaaaay more votes!


As you said "Ah! That would not be hard: the only difficulty would be in modeling a badguy to chase you." You should make one!
That's basically what my obj file reader is for. I am going to publish a first person shooter using this engine and the obj drawer.




Thanks, JetLennit!


I remember noticing this ages ago, but I can't remember if I ever commented to say that it's awesome :P If you fall through the floor, it crashes. Managed to make something fun out of that though:


Haha! That is awesome Duta. Yes, I know about the edge of the world bug. I never removed it because it was a simple way to know you are out of bounds.


Wow, this looks really cool. I downloaded it and started playing around with the generation, but I noticed something: There is no render limit. I liked the darkness setting which you get after you press M, but I decided to expand upon it. I added some variables for render distance so it still runs smoothly even after you have large 'maps' loaded. I tried adding block placement, but I've found it's sorta difficult to detect which face you're targeting and add a block there. That and I don't really understand the 3D code itself very much at all, XD. Still, this is a really awesome project, and you should expand upon it.
This is EPIC!

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