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Duta presents ...


Isometric wave

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Tags: mouse game simulation physics demo with-source

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well he hasn't copied the code, he has rewritten it.


Kageryu, you're wrong about me "stealing" it. You're right in saying that it's not my idea though. Ages ago, I came across a website where someone had created a little demo of a waving, gray, isometric square. I thought it looked cool, so I took a printscreen. I've uploaded this printscreen so you can see it - - this was all I had though. I was browsing through my files one day, and came across that printscreen. And I thought it looked cool. So, I decided to try and recreate the wavy square. I first wanted to find the original source (so I could see what it was actually like and check I hadn't forgotten anything), so I searched the internet, but just couldn't find it. So, I gave up on finding the original and re-created it from scratch, based off my memory of how I remembered the original behaving. I didn't steal or even look at their code. Believe me, I wanted to give credit. I thought it was really, really cool. But as I couldn't find the original, I couldn't. I told myself I'd go back and search more for the original, but honestly I'd forgotten about this a couple days after making this, so I never got round to it. Because you've mentioned it though, I've spent quite a while searching, and have finally found the original. It's here - This program though, is entirely my own. I didn't steal, or copy, a single line.


Kageryu, Greenfoot is not a site where we only publish original works, there are literally thousands of game remakes and games inspired by other games that are on here. This is a learning community, Duta's not trying to take credit, he's just trying to recreate what he's seen.

2013/1/22 my chain reaction ( which is a game on the windows 7 phone.




great... we can make the box dancing with greenfoot... hehehe


@kageryu wtf with, chill man


@Kageryu U shuld lern ow 2 anglash. lyfe ill be eayer nce yew dew.


It looks random


you should smooth it out and make a wave thing

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