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MatheMagician presents ...


Textured Cube

The cube will start out rotating but it will stop if you use WASD or the mouse to rotate. You can use the arrow keys to scale the cube. Use number keys 0-9 (and some others mentioned below) to change the image. v plays a video and 0 plays the old star screensaver. Thanks to Tyler for his media player. I got the idea of my video player from it. If you have any suggestions (including pictures or videos to use), then please let me know.

1 - Sand
2 - Checkerboard
3 - Space background
4 - Brick wall
5 - your user image (the default image)
6 - water
7 - borg ship
8 - Galaxy image
9 - fractal image (from danpost)
0 - my 3d starfield (from

b - Bubbles
v - video of exploding monkey head

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Tags: simulation with-source 3d

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@Kartoffelbrot, it is 'Resistance is futile!'.
Oh, ok.
Are you a star trek fan, danpost?


I think that 'fan' would be a bit strong; sci-fi has always peaked my interest, however.
I don't know wther it's in the original Version, too, but Mr Spock is saying it often in the german version.


It is :) Spock says it many times.


that is actually really cool. Can I copy the source code? that would be cool to edit


ksks: sorry about getting back to you so late. Feel free to copy the source code: that is what it is meant for.


5 makes it stop

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