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Mrez95 presents ...


Break Smashers V 2.1

Instructions: Use mouse to control paddle and catch the bouncing ball
Objective: destroy all bricks on screen
Credits: audio: Mortal Kombat
visual: Blitzcrank, copyright of League of Legends, Riot Inc.
Powerup sprite: trash1000

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Tags: mouse game bounce classic brick break catch easy

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Wow, best Brick Breaker game I've seen so far. Like the angle launch, surprisingly accurate.


The bonus items graphics are taken from my game "BreakOut". You've probably taken portions of my code as well (can't tell that as you didn't publish the source). It's no problem just give credit where credit is due.


Love the game! However, I do suggest changing the background for each new level to make it more epic as well as the background music. Cheers


trash1000: I've just played your game, I gotta say its AMAZING! You are a very talented programmer. For the sprite, my friend made it for me using Photoshop, though it does highly resemble yours. I'm not sure but maybe he made it based off yours as reference. I'll credit nevertheless. However, I can guarantee you I did not borrow yours or anyone else's code for this game so please rest assured.


I would have no problem even if you or someone did use some of my code (as long as that someone doesn't say it's his own). I just thought with the sprites looking close to identical that you forgot something there^^ Oh and thanks for your compliments, I'm doing my best.

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