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How do you see the high scores?
Really great scenario!!! I wish i could "Like" it more than once. :D i noe u already commented on mine but could u give me some tips on my game? Thanks :D
Errr. hate to disagree mates but. far no ones has found a problem with the scenario except you Chinnc. so..maybe it was a one time glitch? your computer? maybe the scenar just doesn't like you :S I've played this game and i have yet to encounter that problem..just saying.
I like this game, I also like aspirin, asteroids, and mars rover. :D But all in all, graphics are good, but idk...background is missing something, it seems so dark, can u add brighter imagery? flowers, maybe a sun? something with bold outlines, and u know, glowing lines? It'd make it a little less depressing..:S BUT, in terms of game play, i like, its nice, alright!
Nice game, wheres the scary picture at the end? :) jokes, needs more levels, keep it up!
Great Playability, graphics are good considering your lack of experience in the field. I personally like the game play, and in my own opinion, that also allows me to easily overlook the weakest link, your graphics. It has a sense of professionalism, and unlike certain other scenarios I've encountered, in which the graphics outshine the actual game itself the game is actually FUN and does not hide under the veil of an artistic design
Its very nice :) Very good gameplay, simplistic but extremely effective concept.