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Greenfoot back

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Review: Yikes. Not much to review here. Just an alligator just chilling on an irreverent background. This must be an early game done in the first week, so I’ll let the lack of content slide. Overall I give the game 8/10.
Review: This game for me is somewhat bittersweet. First of the background is a kindergarten play mat, so I don’t know why the background image is that overall. Second I don’t know why the donuts need to be destroyed by the cop, it would make a lot more sense if he were trying to eat them all because it is a cop’s dream food. Also shooting donuts doesn’t make a lot of sense. I don’ know how realistic it is to shoot a donut with bullets. Overall I give the game 2.5/10
Review: This game is obviously from the earlier weeks so it’s understandable that the code is a tad bit elementary. But overall the game has a steady concept of the bee going to pollinate flowers whist trying avoid being eaten by the frog. Overall I give 5.5/10 for the game.
She call me the referee because I be so official
Now this is epic, best game on the site!