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ya, ive een thnikin about that, but when i set up the game, the main mod starts you off with no points, so it wont be worth it to buy units right at the begginning, only to upgrade your gun. The abilities are more for when you are solidly in the game. That said, there will be a free mode with infinite points, so people can do things like no having to fight, but yeah, I am probably going to put a limit.
I ended up finding a base concept from the internet and slightly modifying them.
Hi, just a few answers to questions. @darkmist, I will probably post the source when i am finished the game, and i still have to add a few more things. @limefortheworld, I am not sure what you mean. My next update for this will be menu screens and it will be done probably by next week if I feel like working on it lol.
New weapon will be coming soon!
Most sprites are from doom.
Ill publish the source pretty soon.
Gravity -390 Contortion 3 - -7 Zoom 0 - 35 Change Contortion back and forth from 3 to -7
What you can do is make the arrow test if it is below a certain point, such as: if(arrow key is down) { if(getY < (right below the arrow spots)) { points++; } } else { points--; }