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That is why it is useful to run the scenario over and over, and speed it up so it does not take so long to complete. Because the dots start out in a color-coded direction, and because the leader is one particular dot with one of seven possible orientations, it may or may not collect ALL of the dots, ever. If you simply MUST have all the dots join the line, you can pause the run, move the leftovers about a bit, and then continue and they are more likely to get picked up then. Sometimes the line is very straight, just back and forth or up and down with no turns at all. There are usually some dots that never get caught in that case.
Oops I meant to add: please post the source someday? I'd like to see it.
I love this game, the comments crack me up, and the snake is so.... sinuous! But I was really expecting to crash into different continents, not Australia every time I hit earth. :-)
you should add the with-source tag since you do provide the source, thank you!
My firefox is using Java version 1.5.0_13 from Apple, but the game applet does not load on this page, but gives this message in the Firefox footer: error: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file.
Thank you very much for including the source - don't you want to tag it with the with-source tag?


OK, I love the interactive arrow that lets me aim carefully, is that why I have to drag in the opposite direction to "hit" the gold marble towards a silver one? Just struggling a bit with the analogy to a real marble that I would hit. Nice that the length of the arrow shows the force of the hit, too.