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only one thing when there are alot of ppl waiting for the elevator like 17 ppl and an empty elevator arrives the 17 ppl disapear (so become 0) and the elevator only has 5 ppl in it
nicely made dude
for movement you should use: private double a = 300; private double b = 200; private int speed = 2; public void act() { // Add your action code here. //move(1); int x = getX(); int y = getY(); int ww = getWorld().getWidth(); int wh = getWorld().getHeight(); if (Greenfoot.isKeyDown("up")|| Greenfoot.isKeyDown("w")) //for moving forward { a += Math.cos(Math.toRadians(getRotation()))*speed; b += Math.sin(Math.toRadians(getRotation())) * speed; a = 1+(a+(ww-3))%(ww-2); b = 1+(b+(wh-3))%(wh-2); setLocation((int)a, (int)b); } }
after jumping it moves right so when u jump 4 or 5 times it moves out of the screen interesting game could u make an english translation


Nice. and yes what JetLennit said should be very usefull Keep up the good work!


maybe make it so u can see 2 blocks forward if possible Nice game btw maybe add a back button to


OK never mind just got gun upgrade and health maybe make an upgrade system??


DUDE!!!! love the sound nice textures. is it possible to get other stuff beside shield from dice?
when i hit the wall it sucks me up and then very slowely spits you out at the other side. and i get stuck in the green blocks beside that maybe fix the SUPER precise aim of the AI tanks and let em have a range wich they can shoot you cuz its annoying to get shot when u cannot see the enemy yet