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nice game and just what Dalvengyr just said


reached 37 and 7 combo YAY
Are you still working on this? and is there a chance that you will release the source code>?
@chrl98 just dont react they are just people from my school just some baby's thinking their funny
Nice dunno how you made it but i like it
@lordhershey it now works like this: Container is put in world when ccontaier touch truck back spawn new container at top of screen if touch front spawn red, I have to add ground interaction. But do you mean start with 2 crates in world and when touch respawn like now but then with 2 containers. Or more something that when it crosses a y coordinate that it spawns a new container.
maybe you can make it that you have a world with a grid world can be like 25 by 25 squares. then you can sellect an object like a enemy tank fire thingy that tank has a number lets say 11 and you put it in square 7X,6Y then you have 7,6,11 so X,Y,what object and with a share button you can get a list of these coordinates like this 7,6,11; 8,19,1; and so on
@danpost what i wanted to say is that the computer dot moves so much faster than the player. Is it possible that the speed of the computer solves the maze depends on how fast your computer is?
I really like it but how can u ever beat the computer with largest lvl took me 45sec while i knew the way after a couple of resets and computer needed 5.7sec