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comandodude101 presents ...


Maze/Obstacle Course Level 2

Level 2

Up to move forward.
Down to move backward.
Left/Right keys to turn.

Get to the grapes and eat it without dying.

There is respawning!!!
Credit to vonmeth for respawning code.

Maybe in the future:

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Tags: game with-source

This scenario is a member of: My Obstacle Course Collection

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Level 3 will be out soon!
Things to expect in level 3: Respawning Possibly better walls Longer level A different fruit Possibly a new twist!
I will make level 3 at 50 views and atleast 1 vote
Well I have one vote so 24 views to go!


I like it. More fruit, woooh,
Thanks for the like!
5 more plays and I will make level 3!
Level 3 is out!!! Come check it out!


Can I see the codes for this? Thank you!


for movement you should use: private double a = 300; private double b = 200; private int speed = 2; public void act() { // Add your action code here. //move(1); int x = getX(); int y = getY(); int ww = getWorld().getWidth(); int wh = getWorld().getHeight(); if (Greenfoot.isKeyDown("up")|| Greenfoot.isKeyDown("w")) //for moving forward { a += Math.cos(Math.toRadians(getRotation()))*speed; b += Math.sin(Math.toRadians(getRotation())) * speed; a = 1+(a+(ww-3))%(ww-2); b = 1+(b+(wh-3))%(wh-2); setLocation((int)a, (int)b); } }

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