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Thanks for the suggestion, askgriff. As it was, I was having the background move 2x as fast as the foreground, so I already had separate objects for them. After making a small change and having the foreground move 2x as fast as the background, I realized it looks a lot better. I don't really know how it works in the actual game, as I said in the description, I've never actually played Flappy Bird.
The concept of the game you pointed out does seem quite similar to mine, JetLennit, but I was not inspired by that app, nor have I really ever heard of it (I'm not a user of any apple products).
For RUMMAKER, it's easier, he just has to paint his plane and he unlocks rabbits, whereas I actually have to unlock another.
Hey, bourne, I've just realized how it was so easy for you to tell who was cheating: To get the rabbits you need to get at least 5 achievements in Airborne Defense, which is why it's so hard, and you can obviously tell whether a certain user has gotten the required amount by viewing their achievements. According to that, you should be the only user that has unlocked rabbits legit, although RUMMAKER and I are both only an achievement away.
Oh, the bunnies are code 67 in airborne defense...
Ah, I was misreading them. Whenevr I open them in notepad, there aren't line separators. Thanks!
Well, I can't determine where to find bunnies just from that, I look at Objects.txt, find bunnies with object ID 55, then look for o55 in UnlockBundles, so when you say that, do you mean I'm allowed to look at Objects.txt too? If so, thanks!
Whoops, sorry, code #11, not that it really makes any difference to you. By the way bourne, do you mind if I look at the code to determine which scenarios give which objects? It's helpful because a lot of the time I would spend time trying to get codes (Earth Day scenario, for example) to be rewarded with nothing but trees. If you don't want me looking at the .txt files to do this, that's fine, it's just be nice to know if I am allowed to.