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Square One

So, while looking through my old projects today, I found this. Apparently I had intended to make it a full blown game. There was no use for it wasting away in my folder of forgotten games, so I decided to share it.

There is not yet any way to mute the music besides closing out the game. I don't know exactly how loud to music is, but I recommend checking your volume before starting the game.

The goal is to navigate that grey blob circle thing of a player to the square with the star on it while getting rid of all other squares. Jumping off of a square causes it to fall into the abyss and disappear. Currently if you jump off, it doesn't register you losing (except for spamming 'YOU LOSE' into the console) so you'll have to reset it. Your progress is saved automatically if you're logged in. Also, the game only goes up to level 7/8 currently. Level 8 hasn't been made yet and the game will crash/freeze if you try to play it.

Arrow keys to move the 'player'

Side Note:
Part of the reason I abandoned this project was because I was too lazy to create that many levels. Anyone who would like to design levels feel free to let me know or post a design, I'll try to incorporate it. Lastly, the levels aren't in a fixed order yet, meaning I may swap out the order and put more easy levels at the beginning.

Hope you enjoy the game!

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Nice square disappearing effect. Appealing game so far, a lot you could of done with it.


reminds me of this


The concept of the game you pointed out does seem quite similar to mine, JetLennit, but I was not inspired by that app, nor have I really ever heard of it (I'm not a user of any apple products).


I wasn't saying it was bad it reminded me of that, for a while that was my favorite app

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