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Scenarios tagged: minecraft

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play Minecraft Greenfoot Edition
plays 8775 / votes 9

Minecraft Greenfoot Edition

by Game/maniac, 2013/3/10

Minecraft in greenfoot

play Minecraft-2D
plays 13077 / votes 20


by Duta, 2012/5/6

Experience Minecraft in 2D

play Super Meatcraft
plays 22215 / votes 43

Super Meatcraft

by DonaldDuck, 2011/9/26

A heroic quest for love.

play 2D Minecraft-v2
plays 4809 / votes 4

2D Minecraft-v2

by -nic-, 2013/3/11

You have played the 3D version now play the 2D version

play 2D Mining
plays 5674 / votes 8

2D Mining

by Reflection, 2013/2/28

Minecraft in 2D

play Minecraft!
plays 3671 / votes 1


by Something_Smart, 2013/5/21

Minecraft v3.5

play MiniCraft
plays 4959 / votes 2


by DMCGames, 2012/1/12

2D MineCraft

play gladiator
plays 4728 / votes 6


by -nic-, 2012/4/6

Kill the others to win your freedom!

play GreenCraft V2
plays 4225 / votes 2

GreenCraft V2

by Lildarkone, 2011/4/16

Greenfoot Minecraft!