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Just a start. Thanks to ImFerocious for giving me the lighting idea!
This has a lot more to be done, (this is like pre-pre-pre alpha :L). I'm sure there's going to be lots of bugs, I just haven't had much time to find them in yet - if you find any, please comment telling me what they are and I'll get them fixed!

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Tags: mouse game simulation physics demo with-source 2d minecraft terraria dfasfga

This scenario is a member of: Minecraft-like Games

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I'm not getting any lag while I play except for when the game first starts. like just after the generation of the world. Could be unavoidable.


you should make it so there is no darkness where the sky is


Hmm, I kinda like the effect. What do other people think?


Personally, I like to have a bright above-ground area.


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This game is Awesome


Thank you! :) I'll update it at some point, I just don't really have the time right now.


I think it's a great start. I like the sidescroller kind of action and the lighting effect is really cool. Rather than calling it 2D Minecraft you might want to go for something on your own. I like that you're paying homage to Minecraft but I think you have the potential here to add non-Minecraft game components (maybe a whip the you can shoot across a little chasm to swing across or something). You can also taken it into a direction where if you go into some sort of "portal", you go to a puzzler/challenge where you have to make it through to get a piece of equipment. Anyway, great start and I'm looking forward to seeing you progress with this one.


Yes! Found a glitch. So if you are building a tower and you go to the top and jump off screen it stops the game and you can't run it again. You have to reset. Also, if are at the top and build a block beside you bordering the top, it stops the game.


Overall; this is a nice game, but it's not unique. I loved how you have to keep clicking on one block to add it to your inv; and the lighting effect was a nice touch; but I feel like something is missing here. I kinda want to see more work done here as this is basically Minecraft 0.7. Keep up the good work though.

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