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Scenarios tagged: awesome

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play Shelshock, aber einfach um LÄNGEN besser
plays 560 / votes 1

Shelshock, aber einfach um LÄNGEN besser

by DibbelGames, 2022/6/13

It's a ShellShockLive clone. But it's simply better.

play Button Masher
plays 79438 / votes 8

Button Masher

by Lildarkone, 2011/4/16

Press the Spacebar!

play Mars Patrol
plays 8157 / votes 6

Mars Patrol

by Cash_Cash, 2009/5/10

Classic Arcade Game: "Mars Patrol"

play Checkers
plays 10688 / votes 5


by PiRocks, 2009/5/16

A game of checkers.

play Purple Piggy Game (Farm Frenzy)
plays 6777 / votes 0

Purple Piggy Game (Farm Frenzy)

by purplepiggy, 2009/5/19

A game about a purple side of ham with legs.

play PacMan
plays 4544 / votes 0


by Master_of_Programming, 2009/12/17

ONE IMAGE!!!!!!!!!!

play WWII Shooter Game
plays 6766 / votes 2

WWII Shooter Game

by Jesusgeek94, 2010/2/24

side-scrolling shooter game

play Post-Apocalyptic Shooter: P.A.S.
plays 4003 / votes 0

Post-Apocalyptic Shooter: P.A.S.

by TeamAwesome, 2010/6/5

When the world as we know it ends...will you survive?

play Swim!
plays 2920 / votes 0


by angepangie, 2010/6/10