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Hydra nervous model

The model of easy organism with simple nervous system. It consists of neurons with intrinsic homeostatic motivations. The hydra is able to adapt to the environment in order to not waste energy.
Red/pink cloud-like object represents stomach. It is getting red when active.
Blue/red tentacles represent touch sensor. They are active when bug touch hydra.

Nervous system should prepare tentacles for catching action. Only when tentacles are prepared the hydra is able to eat a bug. Hydra should react on most appropriate sensor. If there are lot of food around it should listen to stomach more. Hydra should concentrate attention on the tentacle's sensor if just 'open mouth' and wait is not enough.

There is also light source for increasing the bug concentration at hydra start point. I also intend to use the light source for experiments with this model in order to construct self-motivated light oriented behavior.

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Tags: simulation demo system nervous model motivations homeostasys

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