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jrlowe presents ...


8 Ball Pool

Use the mouse to aim. Click and drag from that point for more or less power. Let Go to shoot.
More to come:
-Improved wall physics
-animated CueStick for power
-Coloured Balls
-Finish line-track system thing. (More like Miniclips 8 ball pool aiming)

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Tags: mouse game simulation physics demo uaslp korea pool billards

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Mar 10 02:05:41 UTC 2013
A nice game but there are some buggs. Sometimes there are two white balls and also sometimes the sound of crashing balls plays again and again. But all in all a realy nice game.


Ditto, to what Gevater_Tod4711 said. Also, if a ball is moving too fast it sometimes ends up in a rail (instead of bouncing off it); and, if moving really fast it can pass the rail completely and end up off the table completely.


There is one more thing: the space bar will trigger aiming while the cue ball is still in motion; which causes the cue stick to be misplaced when to ball finally stops.


@danpost yes, I forgot to remove the space bar feature. I also said I would create a new wall collision system because the one now is temporary. This is a very basic version of the game. I line the walls in vectors and at each intersection, I will invert the angle of the vectors normal. This will provide much more accurate collisions and will fix the getting stuck in the wall. And for the repeating sound, I need to move where the sound is actually played to get rid of the constant detection.


This is a great game. I am doing the same thing for my computer programming class. Could you give me some pointers??


@dufus15 its all about realism. I am creating another pool game using the Slick2d library in intellij and this time I am focusing on more realistic and accurate physics. I am incorporating a rolling effect for the balls. Visit 8 ball pool on and that is basically the type of pool game i am trying to create.


i am new here and i love your game


I made a ball go out of the table for a bit


can you please upload this game to greenfoot

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