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This is the online version of our kitchen. The project comes to simulate how electrical appliances are connected in a house (using a parallel connection). Enjoy!

Current in refrigerator:
800 Watts / 220V = 3.6A

Current in dishwasher:
1300 Watts / 220V = 5.9A

Current in oven:
5000 Watts / 220V = 22.7A

Current in microwave:
1500 Watts / 220V = 6.8A

Current in blender:
1000 Watts / 220V = 4.5A

Current in toaster:
900 Watts / 220V = 4.1A

Current in kettle:
2400 Watts / 220V = 10.9A

Total current = 58.6A

Fuse = 61.6A

Average cost per one month:
((1.5kW)(4hrs)+(5kW)(25hrs)+(1.3kW)(30hrs)+(0.8kW)(720hrs)+(0.9kW)(2hrs)+(2.4kW)(2hrs)+(1kW)(1hrs)) * 0.5 Agorot
= 377₪

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