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Advance Assault

INTRODUCTION: Soldier, it has come for you to defend your country! As the commanding officer, use your brilliant tactics in order to over come the enemy, and be aware of your surroundings because it seems that are all kinds of things that you can use to your advantage. Every time you kill an enemy of the state or destroy obstacles, you get points to buy more troops!

The objective of the game is to get 10 of your troops across to the enemy, but do NOT let a single of the AI troops to cross to your side!
Press P for pause to see controls.


1. Pay attention to ALL the lanes, and send only needed troops per lane

2. When each troop dies, they create a small explosion that will create a massive amount of damage to other troops surrounding it, creating a chain effect. This applies to the AI AND you!

3. Killing troops to kill obstacles will get you more points, but beware, the AI will try to steal your kill!

4.Sending more than one troop on a lane is good because you get more firepower in that lane, but if one troop dies, the explosion will cause a chain effect.

5. The AI also plays by the rule, with a timer and points, so try to drain them out if you can!

6. Infantries are good for suicide troop because if the troop is killed on the edge of the screen, its explosion may be able to wipe out the enemy!


-Map created with AW map creator which can be found

- Sprites can be found from the game Advanced War

- The sound effects are found in public domain, with the exception of the music, which can be found

Tony Duan, Brian Huang, George Xiao, and Mike Cai.

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Tags: mouse game simulation battle war advanced lanes charging assault charge

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Great game! Just a little bit diffiult...
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Tue Mar 20 23:59:41 UTC 2012 Update title


amazing Now: create a tutorial!

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