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Holy Fighters (by HectorNM,João Vitor e robledo)

This game originally was recent a project of school made by me, João Vitor and robledo. The idea was to make an action battle game (like classic Zelda, for example), where its possible to choose between some actors with two types of attack: one in short distance and other in long distance. The graphics and sounds were obtained from the RTP of RPG Maker and of Chrono Trigger game, beside other resources that are specified in the "Créditos"(credits) section of the game. The game don't have any commercial purpose, thanks =)

Este jogo originalmente foi um projeto recente do meu colégio feito por mim (HectorNM), João Vitor e robledo. A ideia era fazer um jogo de action battle (parecido com Zelda clássico, por exemplo), onde seria possível escolher entre alguns personagens, e eles teriam dois tipos de golpes, um a curta distância e outro a longa distância. Os recursos gráficos e sonoros foram retirados do RTP do RPG Maker e do jogo Chrono Trigger, além de alguns outros que estão especificados na seção "Créditos" do Jogo. O jogo não tem fins comerciais, apenas fins educacionais para o aprendizado de Java. Por favor comentem e digam o que acham! Obrigado. =)

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Oh, yes! I forgot.. the game was developed for 2 players xD


Cool. May I ask, did you have one blanket method to prevent the characters from walking into obstacles? Or did you have to specify each obstacle and program no intersections?


Hello Minion1. Sorry for late reply (maybe you already have solved your problem, but I'll answer anyway). Well, we created, for every tipe of terrain, a Java class (for example: a class for grass, a class for the tree, etc). We separated them into two categories: allowable(grass and items) and unallowable(the rest), which represents, respectively, the classes that the player can walk into, and the classes that he can't. We treated, then, these classes on the act() method. We created a condition that, if the player is moving to a place, then we have to check if this place is an allowable place. If it is, then the player goes through. Thank you for your comment!

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