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Detective Dom (Detective game demo)

This demo demonstrates an LA Noire style interrogation system, where you question suspects for a case. You collect evidence, more questions and more suspects until you can find an answer. (This Demo ends once you finish all dialogue with David.)
"Continue" progresses the dialogue. The Notebook stores questions which are available for you to ask suspects. Evidence stores evidence you gain during the investigation. At certain points, you will be asked to decide whether what a person just said is a Truth, Doubt, or a Lie. When you choose Lie you must choose evidence to prove what a person said is a lie. You select the evidence you want and then press Select to submit it.
For Truth, you think simply think the person is speaking the truth, for Doubt you are unsure if they are lying but are almost sure they are not telling the truth. Doubt will prod them further to reveal the truth.
A high note plays when the correct response is chosen, and low note for a wrong choice.
You press Exit when you're done dialogue and then press People, and then choose the person you wish to speak to next.

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Tags: mouse simulation demo puzzle dialogue text detective

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2020-04-18 06:55:05 UTC added more dialogue


i already finished talking to all the people i don't know what to do next now when i tap on a person he/she says nothing
Yeah, that is where the demo ends, I didn't add any more to the script after that.




maybe you should do something after that then

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