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spaceblue presents ...


Tower Defense

Tower Defense.

The currency is "matter" and "antimatter".
The only way to obtain antimatter (AM) is to buy an AM Generator tower.
Click once on a tower on the right to buy. Click the menu to return to the buy screen.
Press the spawn button to generate new enemies.
Press p to pause/resume.

Designed the map after Ninto's.
Thanks to Ninto for the awesome blast animation! (Tell me if you don't want me to use it.)

Currently, nothing happens if you lose.
Update 2/1 : new towers
2/3: Many towers fixed.
2/4: Took down faulty towers.
2/5: Towers more balanced. Damage can be seen.
2/6: More balances. "_" in names fixed. Tracking towers up!
2/7: Deselect button added.
2/9: Enemy data up when you press spawn. Laser tower price drop.
2/10: UI updates. Tips section added! New purple background. Awesome Pause animation.
2/12: Working on new Enemies. Fire tower bug fix. Stun bug fix. Fire bug fix. Star animation. Options added.
2/13: Version number to keep track of versions. Timer added. Sell button.
2/14: Ice + Stun bug fix. More options. Game Over animation. Virus towers.
2/15: Added lag control. Go to options to turn it on.
2/16: Bomb towers! Electric towers!
2/17: Electric tower bug fixes.
2/18: More tips shown.
2/19: Purple robots! Wave generation is random. (This probably isn't fair.)
2/26: New Enemies! Tell me if these are a bit too strong.
2/28: Updated the text in the textbox.

Comments are appreciated! =)

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well this is a very great game. I would like to see the code for the blood that the little guys give out when they take damages. also were you get your idea this game. I 'm taking a class in my school and i would like to spice is up a little bet with the counter and other things you got in this game. how come you can't download this scenario?


He didn't select the "Publish Scenario to Others" checkbox. That allows someone to download a folder or an archive that transforms into a folder.


Wave : 42 Health: 17 $M: 12 $$AM: 101 :-D A really cool game. Please publish the source code ! Thanks MrIncredible


Great game you got here i made it to wave 56 $M: 32 $$AM: 300 amd increasing even though the game is over


Great game! I'd really like to see the source code to this! I'm trying to make my own tower defense game, in strait up java though, not Greenfoot.


@chiefnoah, I do not believe spaceblue has had any activity on this site for almost a year now.


have a look at mine


@danpost, please look at my game wack the pest and please vote it.... please!!


wagwan it is me again Jade Goody just enjoying some quality greenfoot


please don't ignore me I need friends

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