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shrucis1 presents ...


Velocity Tests

It's still an experiment, so don't expect it to be bug-free.

I made it for the purpose of playing around with different methods of 'energy' transfer.

C - clear screen of all Rubbish particles
R - randomly place some Rubbish particles
E - creates a cube of rubbish particles (glitchy)

How it works:
There is a MouseActor that follows your mouse and constantly releases 'VelocityPieces' these velocity pieces are invisible, along with the MouseActor. However, when a velocity piece hits a rubbish particle, it 'transfers' its 'energy' onto the rubbish. The conversion is from polar velocity (Angle, Magnitude) to cartesian velocity (xVelocity, yVelocity)

It's also fun to just mess around with.

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Tags: mouse simulation physics with-source

open in greenfoot
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Nice! The particles keep clumping to the right side of the screen for some reason though...


Thanks, Entity, I've heard that from several people but I can't seem to find the error.

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