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sp33dy's Scenarios

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play 3D Starfield
plays 7523 / votes 9

3D Starfield

by sp33dy, 2012/1/24

A simple 3d starfield

play Tile Pixel Scrolling
plays 3662 / votes 1

Tile Pixel Scrolling

by sp33dy, 2012/6/9

Simple pixel tile scrolling

play Realistic Balls
plays 5296 / votes 8

Realistic Balls

by sp33dy, 2012/4/24

Simple skinned balls

play 2D Bump Map
plays 4436 / votes 6

2D Bump Map

by sp33dy, 2012/4/27

Found a bump and light map example!

play Scrolling Landscape
plays 5539 / votes 12

Scrolling Landscape

by sp33dy, 2012/3/14

A scrolling landscpe (coloured for Mars)

play BeeSting
plays 2688 / votes 0


by sp33dy, 2012/3/5

Shoot bees with flowers or baby gets stung

play GravityBalls
plays 3391 / votes 0


by sp33dy, 2012/2/8

Gravity demo with Balls

play FileDialogDemo
plays 2174 / votes 0


by sp33dy, 2012/2/5

File Chooser Demo

play Lines
plays 4321 / votes 6


by sp33dy, 2012/1/21

Simply swirling and moving lines

play WobblyRockets
plays 1986 / votes 0


by sp33dy, 2012/1/19

Simply moving wobbly rockets