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very eerie sound to start level, makes a lovely atmosphere. The jumping sounds needs to be more unique...
That's the problem I face.. I don't know the math or have time to figure it out.
Might have been a good guess!
I've no idea, but it must have something to do with Friction. Air??? so as it moves, a tiny fraction of air resistance has to be removed?? Purely a guess.


It's great! ..but after a set period of the Ghosts heading in their pre-planned route, they should then head towards Pacman when he is in sight! Makes the game far more exciting.
I like the idea of building up snow at the bottom of the page!
Looking great.. Although, the ice elements don't seem to do anything untoward. Surely you should skid the direction you start off in? In the final few screens, some of the disintegrating platform objects are in front of the player. Finally, there is a bug with jumping and collision detection. If you jump into a move block, it sort of freezes with the player and if you hold down jump, the player eventually ends on top!! :)
I was patient and left this loading in two machines, in two different browsers. None load.
Some very dubious collision detection there. Seems to register collisions too early with balls below and with side way hits.