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Press [=] to summon Player 2! Player 2 controls: [I] - Move Up [J]- Move Left [K] - Move Down [L] - Move Right [Enter / Return] - Basic Attack ['] (Single apostrophe) - Special [6, 7, 8, 9] - (In order): Abel, Austin, Marshall, ??? No, both players using Marshall is not a good idea.
*UPDATE* - Increased Aircraft Health by 25% [200 HP -> 250 HP] - Reworked Flares: Flares now release in Bursts, but each Aircraft only has 4 uses! - Reworked Missiles: - Missiles are now in Unlimited but require a Reload time before the next use - Missiles have a small chance of not tracking the target - Missiles track and follow the target less aggressively and can be dodged more easily - Your Missiles play a high-pitched beep sound when locked, the Opponent's plays a low-pitched but repeated beep