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KIITAKII presents ...


Aerial Assault II

You must destroy the Red Jets! You can kill them with bullets, missiles, or even lightning! To use the Lightning, you must kill an Enemy with bullets; 1 gun kill = 1 lightning bolt. A Lightning bolt travels quickly and instantly kills a Red Jet. Both players can add to the Charge (amount of Lightning bolts able to be summoned). After destroying 100 Enemies (200 in 2 Player), the Boss Will appear! He's a bit tanky so make sure to focus your fire. After the Sky is clear of all Enemies, the game is Over and the Player(s) are victorious!

Player 1 - Stats appear in Top Left:

W - Move Forward
A - Turn Left
S - Fire Gun
D - Turn Right
Q - Summon Lightning
E - Fire Missile

1 - *NEW* Turn on Mouse Control [The Aircraft will follow the Cursor]
To summon the 2nd player, press [2] after the game starts.
Player 2 - Stats appear in Bottom Left:

I - Move Forward
J - Turn Left
K - Fire Gun
L - Turn Right
U - Summon Lightning
O - Fire Missile

14 Dec 2021 - KIITAKII

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Tags: game shooter arcade 2player 1player jets

This scenario is a member of: Aerial Assault: Collection

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2022-03-13 04:21:51 UTC


*UPDATE* Added Mouse Control for Player 1

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