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if you press 2 first, it just fires
@cashcash i was holding down spacebar so the rockets should have been spamming (which they were, no errors there) but the moonjumping gave me a hard time with more than three holes in a row, but its fine, we see things differently and i will not ask you to change your game, do as you see fit @fatfat im not blaming the programmer, merely pointing things out that could possibly improve, whether he heeds my advice/comments is up to him
somehow, I never seem to be able to hit the big ones, but overall, very playable and very fun :D


a suggestion may be to scale it down a tad bit, it doesnt fully fit on my screen D:
a glitchy jump prevents me from shooting (aiming) or jumping properly, especially as the landing is slow. ps, no need to get aggressive, merely things i wished to point out. heed the advice if you will, and do not if you wont
just to follow up, heres an example, - that is the moment i am about to die, notice there are two bombs ahead which are probably not affected by the ditch spawn rate. and here is the moment in which the tank blows up - this should be attributed to the glitchy jump, there's a cool metroid prime nes scenario that has a gravity code, try viewing that and see if you want to add it into the game
especially since you cant really land on the 8mm ground or else you blowup
if the ditches are only about 8mm in width apart (which sometimes they are), then the chances of surviving are about one to a billion
*now, not how my bad