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rofl... USSR vs bird...
I guess that code would be very useful... I think i will be able to make the isometric RTS soon!
holy cow! ISOMETRY!
So, I must create tiles for Isometry, and ordering is ... and what else is there...
In this version, the engineer has his own resources (Yes, there can be multiple engineers!), but I did not add code to deduct from his resources whenever he is building. I'll update it and engineer's resources will be deducted, and I'll use the 8-way system for random movements with the enemies.
Yes. I am seeking to create a Isometric game. The thing is just a demonstration. In the real game I'll use the trigonometric calculations to make it linear. Also, I'll use a check system to prevent overrides, and much others. I am designing my own graphics. Only reason that it did not make it to the prototype is because I'll start from the scratch in the real game.
First line is supposed to say there is no custom images... YET.
Great Job with the first RTS in the Greenfoot! Hopefully I'll be the one to make a second one... I got to learn a lot